I was doing something in the kitchen today when I suddenly noticed I miss our australian friends very, very much. Funny how people can start to mean so much to you in such a short time! I miss our daughter Mahli on and off all the time but today I really missed Dianne and Paul! I have started to save some money to be able to visit them but that still feels very far away.
So what to do when you miss people that are on the other side of the globe? I could have Skyped them but I did what Dianne would have done for me. I made a pot of tea! A nice pot of strong tea. I like my tea strong, it almost looks like coffee! Some brown sugar and it was perfect! I didn’t really expect it to help but it did! It felt much better after a pot of tea. (Yes, I drank the whole pot by myself.) So now I’m going to use my teapot more often. I noticed it isn’t really that much more work to use a pot instead of using teabags in a cup. (Yes Dianne, you told me so!) I think I will use it every morning when I’m not in a hurry anywhere and have the time to drink a pot of tea.

(Jag ber om ursäkt ifall det är någon som inte förstår texten. I korthet handlar det om att jag saknar våra vänner från Australien och gjorde en kanna te för att kurera saknaden)